Sara Louise Petty is a British but New York based photographer, fashion designer and mother. Growing up in rural England with a father who had a keen interest in painting and photography, she was destined to be in the arts. 

She picked up a camera at a young age, her fathers 35mm SLR, and was experimenting with slide film. Simultaneously, Sara was developing her love of fashion and studied at a prestigious London college. After graduating, she relocated to New York City where she enjoyed a successful career in fashion design. Sara was able to travel worldwide extensively with her chosen career and this only inspired her further to come back to her love of photography. Sara is a purist in terms of photography techniques. Although well versed in digital, she made a conscious decision to return to film. Sara shoots medium format because she loves the romance and magic of film, and the excitement of viewing her negatives for the first time.

Sara focuses on street and travel photography, social documentary and street portraiture. She enjoys capturing the human moment. Sara's work enables the viewer to connect with people from all walks of life, these pictures can help us question our beliefs or prejudices in terms of society and how we perceive people around us. Everybody has a story.